So, who is Roxy? She's all about great music, amazing coffee, reading in the sunshine and of course, photography.

Love, Roxy Roux was born in 2015 after her love for love became apparent and weddings became part of her photographic journey. Roxy has been behind the camera for over five years, starting out at a rock club and local music magazine shooting bands and people. She has studied consistently for 6 years, keeping up to date with the industry and refining her skills year after year. Through her love of fashion photography, she discovered weddings and realised how amazing it was to be part of something so special and how wonderfully unique they all were, that she now dedicates herself to telling the stories of those in love. 

Roxy believes in the importance of photography, knowing it is the only thing that lives on past our time. She believes it brings people together, having it be such a huge part of her upbringing. Photography can tell the most wonderful stories, it can bring tears, endless laughs and the chance to know those you loves on a timeless level.